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My gratitude goes out to the following people who have contributed to bringing this project to fruition:

Mis estudiantes: Jason Camey ’16, Moises Gaither-Ganim ’16, Taz Grout ’16, Prisca Kim ’16, Lex Mundell ’16, Megan Settle ’16, Jesús Villalobos ’17, Paige Wheeler ’16

Alex Claycomb,  Research Assistant and DH Student Mentor

Prisca Kim, Student Collaborator

Rachel Schnepper, Associate Director of Academic Technology

Michael Conner, Digital Liberal Arts Specialist

Grinnell College’s Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

ILiADS experts and colleagues

Steve Elkes ’83


Gracias por su apoyo a lo largo de este proceso. No hubiera sido posible sin ustedes,


Mirzam C. Pérez